Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Coca-Cola Company's POWERADE ION4 is a complete sports drink with new formula of 4 electrolytes in the same ratio typically lost in sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

This 2012, the visionary behind some of the world’s most successful beverage brands is once again raising the bar with a breakthrough in hydration and fuel replenishment: new POWERADE ION4® with Advanced Electrolyte System.

It also contains carbohydrates at 15 calories per 100mL. POWERADE ION4® encourages the body to absorb fluid and maintain fluid balance. Carbohydrates are replaced as well, supplying your working muscles with fuel, helping you sustain mental and physical performance as you exercise. To help you fight off dehydration, POWERADE ION4®doesn’t switch your thirst receptors off prematurely. It keeps you feeling thirsty until you’re properly rehydrated.

Powerade is a trusted partner of many sports organizations in the country and the world. In fact, it is the official hydration partner of the 2012 Olympic athletes in London. Such quality product could only be represented by a breakthrough team of ambassadors; four of the country’s elite athletes in the name of multi-awarded runner and coach, Rio Dela Cruz, top fitness maven Chinggay Andrada, champion basketball player David Semerad and international football player, Neil Etheridge. ”

With their expert know-how in their respective sport and on the importance of proper hydration, they will lead the nation, hardcore athletes and casual sportsmen alike, to conquer their athletic ambitions and step their game up with the help of Powerade Ion4’s improved formulation.